All Different, All Equal

Kenton School's values are expressed in our motto, "All Different - All Equal." This means that we value all our learners equally and inclusively, taking our learners from a wide range of backgrounds across Newcastle upon Tyne.

We aim to recognize each child as an individual with his or her own talents, ambitions and needs. For example, our Gifted and Talented provision, enhanced by our state-of-the-art Advanced Learning Centre, includes Mandarin lessons and exchange visits with our partner school in Beijing, while our teaching of children with special needs, including those on the autistic spectrum, is exemplary. Yet our large Sixth Form sends many learners to Oxbridge and other Russell Group universities.


Kenton has been consistently one of the largest schools in the country, oversubscribed on entry every year from 1998, reflecting the confidence that our community has in us and enabling us to make the wide-ranging provision that we need to fulfil our mission.

In 2013 there were more applications for Kenton than for any other school in Newcastle: 551 applications for our 342 places. Kenton School has been inspected four times by Ofsted. The most recent inspection was in 2016.

Exceptional Teaching in a Family Atmosphere

The quality of teaching, which we believe is the key to the quality of our school, is exceptional.

Outstanding pastoral care and tracking of learners’ progress, together with our individual ‘First Family Meeting’ with every child and parent who has been allocated a place at the school, mean that learners can benefit from our large size while we maintain excellent personal relationships.

Seriously Academic & Seriously Vocational

In our curriculum we have been ahead of the game in insisting for many years that learners should study a Foreign Language and three separate sciences at GCSE, if they are capable of success. We now insist that these learners should take the full EBacc (the ‘English Baccalaureate’, which is a combination of GCSEs in: English, Mathematics, at least two Sciences, A Foreign Language such as Spanish or French and either History or Geography).

On the other hand, one branch of our ‘all different all equal’ curriculum at Kenton was always serious vocational or applied learning, including a working Hair and Beauty training salon and a fully equipped garage for Motor Vehicle Technology study.

We really do take the different needs of our learners seriously.

If you have a Safeguarding issue, please contact us as soon as possible and talk to a Designated Member of staff.

At Kenton School we strictly follow the principles and rules as outlined in the Keeping Children Safe in Education policy.

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