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Read the Parent, Guardian, and Carer Guide 2019 by Which? for additonal information about making a University application

We offer a huge range of high quality courses, which can be combined to suit the interests and ambitions of every learner. We are able to do this because of our popularity, with growing applications both from Kenton's Year 11 learners and from learners joining us from other schools.

But whether you aim for outstanding academic achievement and go on to Oxford or Cambridge University or whether your aim in the Sixth Form is to gain better skills for work, we have courses for what you need.

Kenton learners have the best that a Sixth Former can get.

In the Kenton School building they have state-of-the art specialist facilities in every subject area, as well as a Sixth Form wing which includes a computer work-station private study area, a comfortable Sixth Form common room and an all-day Sixth Form adult cafe. They also have a staggering choice of courses and additional opportunities. Look at the Prospectus and you will see the huge range of options available.

The truth is that Kenton Sixth Form learners have all the advantages that a college learner has: a wide range of academic and vocational options in an adult atmosphere and a well-resourced environment.

However, Kenton can also offer all the advantages of a traditional School Sixth Form: the highest academic standards and teaching, with excellent guidance, pastoral care and support for a learner’s current learning and for their career and higher education choices.

Sarah Holmes-Carne. Principal.

If you have a Safeguarding issue, please contact us as soon as possible and talk to a Designated Member of staff.

At Kenton School we strictly follow the principles and rules as outlined in the Keeping Children Safe in Education policy.

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