Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

Our Vision Statement

Teaching and Learning and PLP in Kenton will be underpinned by the school's vision:

Outstanding teaching and learning for all students, so that knowledge is embedded and disadvantage is not a barrier to learning. All students reach their potential, so that they are well placed for life beyond school. Ensuring confident, happy and resilient students, who treat others with compassion and respect.

Kenton Learning Cycle

The school aims to improve Teaching and Learning at Kenton by developing five key target areas.

  1. KLC- Kentons bespoke lesson cycle to structure engaging and effective lessons.
  2. Collaborative learning structures- Kagan Cooperative Learning strategies so students learn together developing skills such as communication, teamwork and indpendence.
  3. Marking and feedback- Developing effective Assessment For Learning so pupils know how to make progress.
  4. Homework- Extension of learning through structured and engaging independent learning activities.
  5. Retrieval Strategies- Focusing on the key principles around memory and learning over time and fluency in how pupils recall knowledge.

During the 2016/17 academic year we introduced a new and exciting approach to our professional learning programme: Kenton Learning Cycle (KLC). This is another part of our strategy, along with our comprehensive Lesson Study Project.

The KLC is a strucutred way for staff to reflect upon and learn from their experiences, promoting the investigation of new ideas and sharing of good practice with colleagues. The KLC is split into five distinct stages:

Click on any of the sections in our KLC diagram to see some of the great ideas that our staff have been sharing.

Engagement Activity Start ! Engagement N e w L e a r n i n g Applying Activity Assessment for Learning Review Learning Cycle



Pictures for words




If this is the answer, what is the question?

pst Definition

What’s being said?

Defend the indefensible


In the spotlight


New Learning

Enquiry based learning

Real life sources and examples





Case studies



A range of New Learning activities during this phase of the Learning Cycle should be considered to cater for the range of learning preferences of students.

Applying Activity

Apply the Magenta Principles

List below

Thinking Hats

Annotate Photos or Diagrams


Exam question activities – Answering, create mark schemes, Peer mark students or teacher answers

Silent debate

Diamond nine or ranking

Pictures for words

Using plasticine models

Flash cards

Assessment for Learning

Mini Plenary

Solo Taxonomy

Model or banded answers

Self and Peer assessment

Learning mats

Student teacher dialogue in marking


Plenary cards

If you have a Safeguarding issue, please contact us as soon as possible and talk to a Designated Member of staff.

At Kenton School we strictly follow the principles and rules as outlined in the Keeping Children Safe in Education policy.

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